Within about 10 years the brand Hänsel & Gretel has become an important producer of vegan and vegetarian frozen foods in organic quality. Our small but modern company produces according to the EU Food Hygiene Regulations and received the IFS certification in 2006. The compliance with the EU Food Hygiene Regulations is verified by SGS on a permanent basis.

Our motto is modern, quick, uncomplicated and organic treat out of the freezer. Even when meals need to be prepared in a quick and uncomplicated manner -quality should be first-class. That’s why Hänsel & Gretel has always used premium products from biodynamic and organic farming and traditional recipes for a gentle production and freezing. This is the best way to preserve their flavour and nutritional value.

Our philosophy: good food matters and Food is not just fuel, it really is the glue of life. According to our quality standards our production is based on 100% organic raw materials and – whenever possible – Demeter quality and of course without any food additives. Every raw material has an organic certificate that is how granular we get on your pleasure.

Our vegan products support a pure vegetable nutrition: only organic and controlled ingredients gently processed to fine vegan dishes.

Our products can be combined in numerous varieties, e.g. the Burger can be prepared as a main dish with salad or as a side dish for meat. The classic side dishes, like our bread dumplings, can be prepared as a vegetarian meal together with mushroom gravy. For those of you who like it sweet Hänsel & Gretel offers a variety of desserts.

Hänsel & Gretel products help you save time, as everything is prepared and only needs to be boiled or roasted for a few minutes. This makes our products very versatile and assures its popularity in restaurants as well as in canteens. The products are available in small household or large catering packaging sizes. Our sales department is looking forward to helping you.

Our team

Ackerl Günter: general manager, sales
Ackerl Christine: product development
Phone: + 43 (0) 2245 6400-43, E-mail: office@bio-haensel-gretel.at