Demeter strawberry curd cheese balls

Curd cheese dough filled with strawberries
Strawberry dumplings 83.4%: Dough 78%: water, CURD CHEESE** 25% (20 F.i.T.), WHEATSEMOLINA*, raw cane sugar**, JOGHURT**, potato flakes* (potatoes*, rosemary extract*), WHEATFLOUR**, lemon juice*, corn semolina**, thickener: guar gum*, EGGS*, sea salt. Filling 22%: JOGHURT**, strawberries** 40%, raw cane sugar**, thickener: guar gum*, lemon juice*) Supplement 16.6%: breadcrumbs* (WHEATFLOUR*, water, yeast*, table salt, FULL GRAIN WHEATFLOUR*), sugar*, vegetable oils* (sunflower*, rapeseed*) in variable proportions by weight
* from organic agriculture ** from biodynamic agriculture
Put dumplings still frozen into boiling salted water and cook about 12 minutes uncovered over low heat. Heat up the enclosed mixture of bread crumbs and sugar in fat over low heat, roll the finished dumplings in them. To be consumed cookes.
nutritive value (per 100g)
energy: -
protein: -
carbohydrates: < 0,5 g, of which sugars: < 0,5 g
fat: < 0,5 g, saturated fats: < 0,5 g
dietary fiber: -
salt: -
BU: -